Benefits of Fluid Management

Every additional dollar of oil you account for is one more dollar of profit. Just imagine what a fluid management system could do for your bottom line. The Matrix® Total Fluid Management System™ gives you more control over your fluid inventory and service operations to help you reduce costs and increase your profitability.

Matrix Product Group

Track & Monitor Dispenses

Matrix tracks and reports when and where fluids are dispensed, so you can bill and account for inventory more accurately.

  • Track key bulk fluids, including petroleum/synthetic oil, antifreeze/coolant mixtures, gear lube, hydraulic fluid and automatic transmission fluid
  • Access real-time data on each dispense, including the date and time, meter ID, location, dispense amount, fluid type and work order
  • Generate detailed dispense history reports

Manage Tank Inventory

Automatically notify fluid suppliers when your tanks are low or when reclaim tanks are getting full. Easily configure Matrix software to send e-mail notices on tank levels to managers, as well as new and used oil suppliers.

  • Schedule daily reports on tank levels
  • Refill based on need, not on schedule

Wireless Flexibility

Because Matrix is wireless, it’s easier, less costly and less labor-intensive to install than wired systems.

  • Matrix components communicate with each other wirelessly and capture real-time data to make sure fluids are tracked and accounted for
  • Easily retrofit and add on to your existing lubrication equipment
  • Easily add components as your business grows

DMS Integration

Gain even more efficiencies and interface Matrix with your existing Dealer Management System (DMS).

  • Share fluid dispense records and work orders
  • Provide automatic billing and workflow improvements
  • Interface with common DMS, such as Reynolds & Reynolds, CDK Global (formally ADP), Procede Software and other third party systems