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How Graco Matrix Works

Fluid Automation works with existing components to make your service operation smarter.

The wireless Matrix system collects data from each component through an RF signal. Track fluid dispenses from meters, inventory levels from tank-level monitors and much more. You can even record information directly to work orders, and track by VIN or technician. Click any icon to explore components of the Matrix system, and click "View Complementary Graco Products" at the top for optional products you can add for a total shop solution.

Matrix® System Components

Matrix Meter

Matrix Meter

Your technicians run thousands of dollars’ worth of fluids through their hands. Shouldn’t they have the best equipment to do it? Durable, high-quality Matrix meters put technicians in control and can be configured to your workflow.

  • Ultra-tough design stands up to demanding shop environments
  • 7-year warranty (3 years on electronics)
  • Keypad gives technician control right from the meter
  • Dispense data can be associated with work order for paperless transactions
  • Software can be customized with PIN code authorization for each technician
  • Programmable in quarts, pints, gallons and liters


Matrix Transceiver

Matrix Transceiver

Facilitates high-speed communication between the USB ports on the PC and the wireless devices in the shop (dispense meters, tank monitors, and pump air controls).

  • Easily scalable for multi-floor or multi-building facilities
  • Wireless broadcast coverage is extended or expanded by installing up to eight transceivers
Matrix Tank-Level Monitor

Matrix Tank-Level Monitor

Accurate ultrasonic sensor is scheduled to give you a daily report of the tank level.

  • Remove worries about supply tanks running low or reclaim tanks getting full
  • Easily configured to send e-mail notices on tank levels to managers, and new and used oil suppliers
Matrix Pump Air Control

Matrix Pump Air Control

Prevents unauthorized access to fluid inventory.

  • Pump air supply is shut off automatically after the dispense, preventing spills and expensive cleanup if a broken line occurs
  • Pump operation is enabled only when a dispense has been activated from the meter
Matrix Mobile Capability

Matrix Mobile Capability

Matrix wireless technology allows you to control your mobile drums and dispensers, providing security for expensive drums of synthetic and semi-synthetic fluids.

Matrix DMS Integratons

DMS (Dealer Mangement System) Integrations

Compatible with top systems, Graco Matrix easily integrates with common dealer management software, such as Reynolds & Reynolds, CDK Global (formally ADP) and Procede Software. If you don’t see your DMS listed here, contact Graco for more information.

Reynolds & Reynolds
CDK Global
Procede Software

Complementary Graco Products

Graco Hose Reel

Hose Reels

Graco offers a range of industrial-strength hose reel options. From light to heavy duty, all are tested and engineered for exceptional performance in professional applications.

  • Heavy-duty spring extends and retracts with constant force — easy to operate
  • Durable full-flow swivel maximizes fluid flow with minimal pressure drop
Graco Fluid Reclaim Solutions

Fluid Reclaim Solutions

Graco offers Oil King oil receivers and Coolant King anti-freeze receivers for evacuation of fluids in high-volume applications.

  • Large collection pan for ease of use
  • Removable filter screen prevents debris from entering tank
  • Oversized wheels for smooth transport
  • Waste evacuation packages (pumps, adapters) sold separately
Graco Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm Pumps

Our diaphragm pumps are designed for smooth, reliable operation with long life and market-leading efficiency. Choose from a range of sizes and materials to fit your application.

Graco Oil Dispense Bar

Oil Dispense Bar

This tough metal cabinet with baked-on enamel finish allows up to two oil dispense taps or three meters to be added at the time of installation, or later if required.

Graco Filtration Components

Filtration Components

Graco’s filtration products remove contaminants from shop fluids to help prevent equipment and system damage.

Graco Fire-Ball Pump

Fire-Ball® Pump

Choose from our line of Fire-Ball air-powered pumps for medium-pressure, low-volume to the most demanding high-volume applications. All models are built for smooth, accurate and reliable dispensing.

  • Category-leading warranties (7 to 10 years)
  • Field-proven durability for oil, grease and more