No matter what kind of service operation you have, Matrix® gives you a clear advantage. Accurate tracking and reporting put you in control of your bulk fluid inventory.

Car and Truck Dealerships

Matrix helps you capture and account for bulk fluid transactions, so you can capture more profit while controlling costs.

  • Interfaces with top Dealer Management Systems, so you can keep track of fluid changes by vehicle ID
  • Allows you to set up automatic email alerts to you and your suppliers when tanks are low to avoid downtime
  • Gives technicians electronic access to the repair order from the service bay, saving trips to the parts counter
  • High flow rate (15 gpm) means less time is spent dispensing fluid, which helps increase productivity

Off-Road/Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Matrix helps you save time and identify opportunities to gain efficiencies with accurate reporting.

  • Safeguards and helps you maintain bulk fluid inventory — know when and where fluids are dispensed and get automatic email alerts when tanks are low
  • Saves time with access to work order information from the service bay, which frees staff up for other service needs
  • Helps ensure you bill for what is dispensed, which translates to higher profits

Fleet Maintenance

Matrix helps you maximize your budget by helping you track inventory and organize your billing.

  • Support warranty decisions and provide predictions of fleet vehicle life with accurate dispense history records
  • Create customized reports and post inventory directly to the work order, VIN or technician